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We bring people together all over the world. And you could be part of it, joining our team in Berlin, located right in the heart of the creative and diverse Kreuzberg district. In our bright, open plan and dog friendly office you will meet open minded, friendly, and highly motivated colleagues, enjoy a well stocked kitchen to satisfy your snack and drink cravings, a selection of coffee machines that is every barista's envy, and many flexible spaces that suit your specific work style. Come join us!


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At all of our offices in Eventbrite Spain you can find an international and dynamic environment where you can grow your professional career. If you ask someone in the office to describe it, they would probably say we are a like a family! We have a representation of all departments within the organisation - from Design, Product and Engineering to Sales, HR and Marketing. As a company, we bring people together through live experiences, and that’s what we like to do as a team. Some people are foodies and every now and then they like to share their “creations” with us in the kitchen. Others enjoy a good beer after work on a Friday! We like to create a work-hard/play-hard environment where everyone can contribute to the team, share ideas, and also have fun!

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Netherlands & Belgium

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We are Eventbrite, a global player in the field of event technology. From our beautiful offices in Amsterdam and Antwerp we help the best clubs, the most interesting business events and the tastiest food festivals with the organization, promotion and production of events. With a diverse and strong team, a good dose of (Dutch) humor and a go-getter mentality we help our creators every day with great pleasure. 

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United Kingdom

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Eventbrite's London home - in the centre of the city - is a bright, open plan space dotted with greenery, cosy corners for curling up with a laptop and the odd balloon bobbing above a desk to celebrate a birthday or a work briteversary - a tradition we take very seriously! The carefully curated snack collection make the kitchen area a central hub for coffee meetings and team lunches and the soft, back-and-forth batting of a ping pong ball can often be overheard in the background - another part of office-life we take very seriously, it can get competitive! 

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Eventbrite's Cork office is a listed, 19th century building that used to be home to a national bank. The high ceilings and huge windows create light and space for the busy, growing team and, at every turn, there is something to discover - from the office library to the real-life vault in the basement! Having started out as a customer services base, the Cork office is now home to a host of different teams and has a distinct energy as Britelings across different functions collaborate and support each other.