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At Eventbrite, we make work play

Our team embodies the spectrum of events on our platform:
from musicians to marathon runners, foodies to fundraisers.

What unites us?

Our drive to help people get offline and get together to explore their interests & pursue new passions.

We’re a team that does great work and has an awesome time doing it — and we’re looking for more whip-smart people to dive in & get their hands dirty with us.


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Program Manager- Security Governance, Risk, and Compliance

71d10718-bcb4-4be3-a129-eac2232cf160 Nashville Tennessee United States Nashville, Tennessee, United States Engineering Engineering
THE CHALLENGECybersecurity is an ever changing challenge facing businesses today. The ability to quickly adapt to cybersecurity risks is key to success in any industry. The perfect candidate understands how cybersecurity risks can impact a busines...

Senior User Experience Writer

01ac9712-d998-45ed-b639-70b3a7dd5508 Nashville Tennessee United States Nashville, Tennessee, United States Product Product
THE CHALLENGEAt Eventbrite, our mission is to empower people through live experiences. Whether through attending your favorite concert or hosting a conference, events can be transformative. They can also be pretty complicated. As a product for any...

Senior Backend Software Engineer

d6ec5a0f-07a2-4026-b83f-34a3139161ad San Francisco California United States San Francisco, California, United States Engineering Engineering
THE CHALLENGELast year at Eventbrite organizers created 3 million events and we processed 150 million tickets. Behind all of those tickets and events is a number of teams working together to keep our product scalable and available as we grow.  Our...

Senior Backend Software Engineer

48ef5add-e5ed-4584-aa89-bb55ddbb5076 Mendoza Mendoza Province Argentina Mendoza, Mendoza Province, Argentina Engineering Engineering
THE CHALLENGEExperimentation and Innovation are critical to Eventbrite. As our platform continues to grow and develop, we are seeking a creative software engineer to use a variety of technologies in the development of new and existing product inno...
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Nashville, US

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San Francisco, US

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Mendoza, Argentina


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Cork, Ireland

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London, UK

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Melbourne, Australia

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