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You’re invited to be wherever you want to be

Something magical happens when people gather together – it’s what we’ve built an entire business on. It helps strangers become friends, unites our separate lives, and brings the whole world a whole lot closer together. 

We know we can capture this magic even when we’re not in the same room. Which is why we’ve evolved our workplace philosophy and let you decide where you want to be – in an Eventbrite office hub, flex, or fully remote.

Our employees across the globe have expressed a desire for more flexibility, optionality, and empowerment. We listened.

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You’re invited to decide what’s best for you

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Britelings can choose where they do their best work :

  • Hub: Prefer to work in an Eventbrite office hub and be in the office 4-5 days a week

  • Flex: Enjoy a mix of in-office and virtual work. With this option, you will be in the office 1-3 days a week

  • Remote: Want to be fully remote. Your role doesn't require you to be in the office and you work the majority of your time from home.
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Whether you’re at home or working in an Eventbrite hub, our company culture and employee resources set Britelings up for success.

This means:

  • We continue to offer competitive benefits and perks
  • Managers are trained to adapt to this workplace flexibility and continue to support their teams
  • Our offices continue to evolve to support this vision

We are building a company that reflects the diversity we see in society and – wholeheartedly – believe that a flexible working environment plays a vital role in that. Our goal is to create more opportunities for Britelings to have access to a career in tech – no matter where they live. Learn more about our commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion here.

You’re invited to join us.

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